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Liang Feng Doug Finch Matthew Jolleys Mark Lunt Luke Surl


PhD Students:

* I am the second supervisor

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Anna Mackie


Ben Taysum 


Jing Wang



Niall Whiteford* 



Rebecca Wilson*



Jerome Woodwark 


Yack Yates









Group Alum:

  • MEGAN ATKINS (Summer student 2017), 3-D climate modelling exoplanets (co-supervised with Massimo Bollasina)
  • MICHAEL BARKLEY (POSTDOC, 2006-2010): Lecturer at the University of Leicester
  • JAMES BARLOW (PHD, 2010-2014; PDRA, 2014-2016): Researcher at the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).
  • EDDY BARRATT (UNDERGRADUATE PROJECT STUDENT, Summer 2010-Summer 2011): Research scientist at SEPA.
  • ROBYN BUTLER (PHD, 2012-2017): Policy Intern at the Royal Society of London. 
  • ANTHONY BLOOM (PHD, 2007-2011): Scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, USA.
  • CLAIRE BULGIN (PHD, 2006-2010): PDRA with Chris Merchant at the University of Reading
  • SILVIA CALDARARU (PHD, 2007-2012; PDRA, 2012-2013): PDRA at Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena.
  • XUEFENG CUI (POSTDOC, 2008-2010): Associate Professor in the College of Global Change and Earth System Research, Beijing Normal University, China
  • OSCAR DIMDORE-MILES (Summer student 2016, 2017; MPhys student, 2016-2017): D.Phil. student at the University of Oxford.
  • EMILY DOWD (Summer student 2017): MPhys student.
  • DOUG FINCH (PhD student, 2011-2015) PDRA within group.
  • ANNEMARIE FRASER (POSTDOC, 2008-2014): Air quality scientist at Environment Canada.
  • VINITA GANESH (Undergraduate research, 2016-2017): TBD
  • ADAM GOLINSKI (MPhys student, 2015-2016): D.Phil. student at the University of Oxford.
  • SIEGFRIED GONZI (POSTDOC, 2007-2016): Senior Research Scientist at the UK Met Office.
  • CATHERINE HARDACRE (POSTDOC, 2010-2012): Senior Research Scientist at the UK Met Office.
  • JAMES HOWIE (PHD, 2007-2012): Managing director of ASCUS,
  • JIZE JIANG (Undergraduate research, 2016-2017): TBD
  • QIAN LI (POSTDOC, 2007-2010): Research scientist at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
  • ANNA MACKIE (MPhys student, 2014-2015) PhD student within group.
  • STEPHAN MATTHIESEN (programme manager BORTAS, GAUGE, 2009-2017): self employed book translator.
  • JELTE MENSE (PhD, 2011-2016): Netherland National Police.
  • PETER NELSON (VISITING PROFESSOR, JULY-DEC, 2011): Professor from Macquarie University, Australia
  • MARK PARRINGTON (POSTDOC, 2009-2013): Scientist at European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts, Reading, UK.
  • LUCIANA SINPETRU (SUMMER STUDENT 2017), Interpretation of brown dwarf lightcurves (co-supervised with Beth Biller)
  • THIBAUD THONAT (POSTDOC, 2013-2014): PDRA at Laboratory for Climate Sciences and the Environment, LSCE / IPSL
  • ROBERT TRIGWELL (MSC PROJECT STUDENT from Jan 2011; GRADUATE INTERN, April--Sept 2010; Sept-Dec 2011): Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development.
  • WIN TRIVITAYANURAK (POSTDOC, 2009-2010): Government officer in the Environmental Division in the Department of Highways, Thailand.